Windows XP Retires This Year—Are You Prepared?

XP Support 2

Microsoft has announced its plan to retire Windows XP, and three other products starting in April. This means the company will no longer provide support for these operating systems, leaving computers still running the outdated platforms at much greater risk of malware, spyware, and virus attacks.

After the “end-of-support” date, you will still be able to run Windows XP, but Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, or update online content. 

In short, you are on your own after the product is retired.

Products Reaching End-of-Support April 8, 2014

Windows XP

The XP operating system has been around since 2001. There have since been over a decade’s worth of product enhancements in mobility, productivity, security and manageability.

Office 2003

Running Office 2003 after the end-of-support date may expose your company to security risks and technology limitations. Technology moves quickly and is constantly improving. By upgrading to the new Office, you can take advantage of the latest Office technologies.

Exchange Server 2003

While Exchange Server 2003 was a leader in the messaging space in its day, after 10 years of technology progression it has ran its course. An upgrade will give you the ability to move to Exchange Online through Office 365 and mitigate the need to upgrade on premise hardware, and address priority issues such as data security, compliance, eDiscovery, mobile device use, and IT management

Products Reaching End-of-Support July 14, 2015

Windows Server 2003

Many third-party software providers are not planning to extend support for their applications running on Windows Server 2003, meaning more complexity, security risks, and added management costs for your nonprofit. Upgrading presents many opportunities to realize value and avoid the challenges associated with delay.

What Next?

We encourage you to make plans now to move on to the most up-to-date platforms so you can enjoy seamless continuity and support. The good news is, most older computers work just fine with new operating systems, so you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing machines.

  • What software are you using now?

Find out if any of the machines in your office use a software that will soon reach end-of-support.  SpiceWorks IT Desktop is a free tool that will help you take a quick audit of the software you’re currently running.

  • Plan your upgrade

Upgrading your systems helps ensure you are getting the most value for your licenses, and helps simplify license management. Also, keep in mind that Software Assurance customers can use their benefits to help with deployment of new product versions. Software Assurance is an important part of your Enterprise Agreement.

Microsoft’s free upgrade assistant is useful tool for deciding if an upgrade to Windows 8 is right for your organization. It tests your hardware to see if it’s powerful enough to support the new OS.

If you’re interested in putting together a comprehensive upgrade plan for any of these end-of-support products, send us an email! We would love to help.

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