Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Takes IT to the Cloud


The staff at Habitat for Humanity of Omaha would rather focus on building and renovating homes for low-income families than spend its valuable resources managing a Microsoft Exchange Server.

For years, the nonprofit organization paid an IT consulting firm a monthly fee to host and manage its email server. But at roughly $2,000 a month, the service didn’t come cheap. Now, the Habitat for Humanity of Omaha operates its email from the cloud with Microsoft’s Office 365. The move has resulted in meaningful savings.

“The money we save goes straight into our ability to build homes,” says Bob Lynn, the organization’s technology manager.

Nonprofit organizations have many of the same IT needs as for-profit businesses, from office productivity and CRM software to data storage and disaster recovery. But unlike their for-profit counterparts, nonprofits are often limited by a much smaller budget and smaller IT staffs — and sometimes no IT staff at all.

That’s where cloud computing technology can make a huge difference. Nonprofits can subscribe to software or infrastructure services and get the applications, servers and storage they need without having to purchase, install, manage or maintain them.


Office 365 also makes it easier for employees to work remotely. Whether at home, traveling or at a construction site, they no longer have to connect to Terminal Services and a Virtual Private Network to access files on a server.

“Office 365 makes the process simple,” Lynn says. “It doesn’t matter where they are, they can log in and access everything.”

The cloud service also simplifies IT management. Lynn doesn’t have to install software updates or security patches. He can easily add or delete email accounts. And through Skype for Business’ desktop sharing feature, he can remotely access desktops and provide help-desk support.

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