Where are They Now? ITWorks Graduate Job Updates

2016 Nov 21 graduate job update pic.png

2016 Nov 21 graduate job update pic.pngJames Mazza, left, and Amber Samuels, right, working at the Department of Education.

We recently spoke with three ITWorks graduates to catch up with them about how their new careers in information technology are going. Hayden Dugan, from the Philadelphia class of Spring 2015 is currently working at Amtrak. Amber Samuels, now working in the Delaware Department of Education (employed through Versalign), graduated with the Delaware class of Fall 2015. And last but not least, James Mazza, from the Las Vegas Spring 2016 class, has started his career working for Goodwill of Southern Nevada. Read on to learn more about how these ITWorks graduates are doing now!

Amber Samuels was still enrolled in the ITWorks program one year ago today, learning more and more about information technology and studying hard for the A+ certificate. Now, she’s entered the working world with both the A+ and Cisco IT Essentials certifications. Amber is continuing her learning and working in Dover, Del. as a contractor for the state’s Department of Education; employed through Versalign, Inc., and has been there for close to two months. Amber says she truly enjoys what she does, working at the helpdesk on an application called PerformancePLUS. In her down time at work, Amber also helps with support tickets that may come in from employees inside the building. Amber loves being able to help resolve user’s issues because it increases productivity as well as her skill set!

“The people at the DOE are so kind and I work with a team that is always willing to explain things to me and help me grow. I encourage anybody interested in information technology to never stop growing, learning, and expanding their horizons. The work that you put in always reaps great benefits in the long run!”

Hayden Dugan works with Amtrak in Philadelphia in the Information Technology, Risk Management, and Compliance department. With the official title of User Access Review (UAR) Analyst Coordinator, Hayden works with individuals who review different applications, databases, and servers to make sure workers have enough access to do their job fully - but not more than what is necessary. There are two main things Hayden’s position consists of - the first is a lot of communication by email, Skype, and phone. The second thing is excellent attention to detail even in the face of very repetitive tasks.

“It has been an extremely good learning experience for me thus far. I feel like all the technical and professional skills ITWorks either helped me to acquire or refine have contributed to success in my position one way or another.”

James Mazza, who has been working for Goodwill of Southern Nevada, has had “a fantastic experience,” saying he is full of excitement rather than dread when he wakes up and gets ready for work. James enjoys the super friendly atmosphere and the fact that his coworkers are always willing to help him with any problems that may arise. James is learning something new every day, from how to properly wipe a hard drive, to where to find hardware drivers. James enjoys the position enough to feel like he’s being payed to have fun.

“To anyone considering applying, do it. I can honestly say [ITWorks] has made a significant and positive impact on my life.”

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