What is npVault?

When you think of a vault, what words come to mind? Safety. Security. Protection. That is exactly what npVault provides for your organization. With npCloud’s npVault, your 501c3’s data is safely and securely backed-up in our cloud.

Data and information are lifelines that allow your organization to work towards its mission. Just as you protect your financial assets in bank accounts or money markets, so too must you protect your data – online and off-site by a team of experienced IT professionals using the most advanced technology.

With npVault, if the hard drive on your 5 year old server crashes, we can instantly restore all of the data it contained. Because it’s been stored safely and securely, off-site, in our cloud. Backing up your data couldn’t be easier with npVault because we handle it for you. We monitor your backups and ensure everything is protected: from your databases, email distribution lists and important external and internal documents and files.

There is no reason for any nonprofit to operate without reliable data backup. And because of our low-cost offering, every nonprofit can afford our cloud technology solution.

We’ve heard so many horror stories about fantastic nonprofits on shoestring budgets that are irreparably damaged by a hard drive failure or crashing server. Protect your 501c3’s valuable files and information with npVault.

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