Migrating QuickBooks to the Azure Cloud Platform

The purpose of this blog is to explain the security advantages of migrating on-premises QuickBooks to the Azure cloud platform. The security advantages will be explained as they relate to the CIA triad. The CIA triad is a fundamental security model used to guide efforts and policy aimed to keep ...
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What Nonprofits Need To Know About Microsoft Azure

  Just over one year ago, on September 2016, Microsoft Philanthropy announced it would offer a yearly $5,000 Azure credit to nonprofits around the world, making the powerful cloud computing infrastructure much more accessible to the nonprofits sector.
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Microsoft Cloud Offerings for Nonprofits

  Are you using Microsoft Office 365? If so, you may be surprised to learn that Microsoft has added many new features and options to their nonprofit pricing structure. Join us for a webinar on March 28th at 3:30 EST to discuss new licenses available including: Azure's Active Directory, the ...
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