6 Tips For Visualizing Your Nonprofit's Data


Every nonprofit, firm, agency, corporation, and conglomerate is a data company. But being able to turn that data into actionable information is another mountain to climb altogether.

Charting and graphing your nonprofit's data is a great way to turn those raw numbers into a more intelligible form. Check out these tips that will help your nonprofit get more out of its data.

1. Visual communication

Charts can turn plain text into a visually expressive piece of information, which is great for persuading donors to donate or showing your supporters your organization's impact.

2. Chart diversity

There is a wide variety of charts. Don't limit your organization to the same old pie chart used in every report. Experiment with more dynamic charts, like social network maps, a tree map, floating charts, and even infographics, which are great for a whole mess of charts.

3. Sketch ideas

Continuing from #2, a unique chart is better than an ordinary chart. So sketch a few ideas for visually displaying your organization's data and present the ideas to your creative team. Google "creative graphs" for ideas of where to start.

4. Add color

Match your nonprofits color scheme in the charts. Try to avoid using the default colors that appear in Excel. Use your strongest, most eye-catching color to indicate your strongest statistic.

5. Use a strong tool

Excel is always the go-to for data presentation and organization. Experts recommend using tutorials if you are new to working with graphs in Excel.

6. Showcase data

Present your charts in your blog or on your website to provide easily consumable information that will catch the attention of your audience. Also, talk to your organization's web developer and see if there is a way to make the data more interactive.

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