The Technology Impact Awards Are Coming

June 24, 2013.

That is the last possible day you can submit an application for the Technology Impact Awards. If you think your organization has used technology to further your mission in an innovative way, then fill out this very simple one-page application A.S.A.P.!

How Big is Your Budget?

We split applicants into two categories: One for organizations with a budget OVER $2 million, and one for organizations with a budget UNDER $2 million. There will be a first-place winner AND a runner-up from each category.

We think this levels the playing field. It’s a lot like weight classes in boxing; I’m not a big boxing fan, but from what I understand, it’s harder for smaller guys to beat up larger guys?

Free Money

The first-place winner from each category will win $7,500 in unrestricted cash to spend on whatever they would like.  Also, for the first time in TIA history, the runner-up from each category will win a cash prize as well! They will each get $1,000 to spend freely.

TL;DR: Two DC-area nonprofits will win $7,500 and two other DC-area nonprofits will win $1,000.

Previous Winners

Last year, Bread for the City won in the larger category for implementing a “Patient Portal” system that works with Bread for the City’s electronic medical records system to provide a free way for clinic patients to access their health information online.

Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders integrated (ICDL) won in the smaller category for integrating two educational software platforms, Moodle and Blackboard, to combine traditional online education with live weekly classes using virtual classrooms.

Check the “Past Winners” page of our website to see what winners from the previous three Technology Impact Awards did to warrant their winnings.

For more information and to apply for the Technology Impact Awards, head over to our TIA page!

You can also register for our final FREE 30-minute webinar on June 19!

Have technology questions or want to learn more about how Tech Impact can help your nonprofit?