The Power of the Internship



The Pennsylvania ITWorks students began their internships, included as part of the ITWorks program, last Monday, and the Delaware students are starting today. ITWorks includes this element in the 16-week program curriculum because internships are of paramount importance to getting a job later on.

Why are internships so important?

The desired outcome of an internship is to make a student more employable, giving them the opportunity to demand more from an entry-level job and get ahead faster using skills and experience honed in a learning environment. Internships also allow students to gain experience in the working world, get comfortable with the job environment, and increase confidence in their abilities. Students who have interned in addition to classroom education stand out to employers as more qualified for hire.

What makes you more qualified?

First, an internship is a good place to work out the kinks in your knowledge and skillset. After an internship, an employee should require less training and should be able to handle more responsibility – very desirable characteristics, as time and money spent training new employees is very valuable. Applying what you learn in the classroom to real life situations solidifies that knowledge and improves performance and accuracy in work tasks. As an intern you can learn your strengths and weaknesses and develop new skills you didn’t learn in the classroom.

Another advantage you create during an internship is determining what types of jobs you actually like, and if you are definitely on the right career path. This shows an employer that you are more qualified for hire because you already know if you will like the job, and are less likely to leave quickly.

Last, and most important, are the people you meet during your internship. Developing a social network as an intern can open a wide variety of opportunities when you are ready to search for a job. Some people you meet at your interning company may have moved elsewhere, opening up an “in” at other companies as well. Having contacts at the workplace you want is of paramount importance, because a recommendation from a current employee makes you stand out more than anything else.

Don’t miss out!

Don’t skip an internship opportunity if it arises. You will learn valuable skills, make important contacts, and increase your marketability in the working world when you are done school.

ITWorks recognizes the important advantages earned by a student who completes an internship in addition to coursework, which is why internships are an integral part of our 16-week program.

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