Tech Forward Sparks a Nonprofit Tech Revolution and You're Invited to the Party


As we approach our second annual Tech Forward Conference, I want to share the vision that inspired the conference and why it’s so important for the nonprofit sector.

The majority of nonprofit technology conferences focus on the how rather than the why. How should you use various social media platforms? What is the latest and greatest productivity software? How can I implement cloud technology? This information is important and much needed in the industry, but it’s tactical. I saw a huge opportunity to create a conference that focused on real world examples that crystallize the reasons why every nonprofit should leverage technology to solve social issues and do more good in the world. The goal of Tech Forward is to elevate the conversation and spark and industry-wide revolution that empowers all nonprofits to realize the impact that technology can have on our collective goal of making the world a better place.

This fall, we’ll focus on and embrace the why. What we bring to this conference are real world experiences, best practices and information sharing from the leaders on the front lines of managing a nonprofit. With topics steeped in IT leadership, decision making and impact, we’ll share best practices and provide examples you can take back to your own organizations. We’ll raise the bar by discussing technology in the greater social sector and how together we can move our sector forward through collaboration and ownership of our strengths in our communities.

tech forward landscape 1-2Technology is not static, and neither are the challenges nonprofits face in managing their environment.  Avoiding security breaches through risk management, using data for better decision making and being informed of evolving technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are as equally important as every day tech. In response, we’ve organized this year’s conference topics in our agenda around security, informed decision making, productivity and innovation, inspired by the characteristics of a digitally transformed organization.

We’ve also intentionally created an environment keen on helping you develop relationships with peers and learn from one another. We carefully select the cities and sites where we hold the conference and develop an agenda that allows for strong networking, giving attendees the opportunity to make connections with likeminded nonprofits facing similar challenges. The intimate feel of our conference is something our past attendees have truly valued.

Another differentiator of Tech Forward is the Technology Innovation Awards, designed to celebrate and encourage nonprofits to use technology for innovation. Last year, $30,000 in grants were awarded to help develop solutions that encourage better eating in schools, better tracking solutions for endangered species and better engagement from young people experiencing trauma. We are proud that these awards are helping to facilitate the change we want technology to play in our sector.

Tech Forward Conference, Innovative, Sept. 30 - Oct.2, Austin, TX, #TechForward18, Register Now

Tech Forward combines all these components and packages them in a highly affordable conference that is accessible to all nonprofits. We intentionally work with carefully selected partners that are bringing important change to the sector to help curate focused, practical and relatable content. This is not a revenue generator for us, rather an investment in our mission; to empower communities and nonprofits to use technology to better serve our world.

Register using code TFWEB100 for $100 discount. Hope to see you two-stepping into Austin this fall.

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