SOMETHING TO TECH ABOUT: Q&A with Oracle NetSuite's Social Impact Team


The Tech Forward Conference is just around the corner (Sep 30 – Oct 2) and we’re very proud of our stellar group of partners that help us deliver a first-class event.

Oracle NetSuite is one of those partners and we had a chance to speak with the team about the importance of the nonprofit sector, the biggest technology opportunities and the Technology Innovation Awards. Take a look!

Tech Forward Conference 2018

Q1: How is NetSuite’s Social Impact team helping nonprofits?

Oracle NetSuite Social Impact works to accelerate the impact of nonprofits globally through implementing back-end technology to provide increased efficiency and a foundation for growth. Our software donation program was built to offer NetSuite to eligible nonprofits of all sizes, regardless of ability to pay. Additionally, we have a pro bono program designed to help our nonprofit customers use their software donation more effectively. Key benefits of NetSuite’s solution for nonprofits include improved financial transparency, simplified reporting & compliance, and increased constituent stewardship.


Q2: Why are nonprofits such an important area of focus for NetSuite?

NetSuite’s commitment to nonprofits lies at the core of our company. Our founder, Evan Goldberg had a vision from the start to use NetSuite’s for-profit technology to power the social good of nonprofits of all sizes. With a stronger back-office foundation, nonprofits can dedicate more of their resources toward their mission, accelerating social change.


Q3: What technologies present the biggest opportunities for nonprofits?

One of the largest opportunities at hand is finding a way to integrate the front-office and back-office. Finance and fundraising require markedly different technology solutions because the people – fundraisers and finance – live in completely different worlds. Technology can be used as a tool to bridge this gap and support a strategy of transparency, impact and stewardship.


Q4: What made NetSuite want to get involved with the Tech Forward Conference?

NetSuite is consistently interested in learning how nonprofits are using technology to transform their organization and further their mission. We know there is a vast ecosystem of impact-oriented tech companies that are enabling nonprofits to do more good, and the only way to further this cause is to band together and collaborate.


Q5: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s event?

We are so excited to be a part of the Technology Innovation Awards! So many innovative tech ideas came out of the nonprofit submissions last year, and we loved hearing the stories and projects that were proposed.


Register for the Tech Forward Conference and meet NetSuite to learn more about its donated products and how they can help your nonprofit.

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