Scanning Tools: Insights That Keep You Safe

What if you could see your network or website the way that an attacker sees them? What if you could see where they were most likely to strike and had an estimate of how bad that attack would be? What if you could do this without years of study to learn the tactics and procedures that threat actors use to gain access?

A scanning tool makes this a reality.

What does a scanning tool do exactly?

A scanning tool reaches out across the internet and accesses your network or website. Once the scanner has made contact, it then uses its library of known attacks to try to gain access. Once the scanner has gained access or exhausted all its options, it then takes note of everything that worked and everything that failed. These results are then stored on an application dashboard or converted into a report that can be shared.

How can a scanning tool help with my organization’s security?

Knowledge is power. Knowing what an attacker sees, and how they might attack gives you a chance to protect yourself before it happens. The results of a scan be used to plan changes or updates, and to put the necessary defenses in places.

Scanning tools give you insight into what an attacker sees and could potentially exploit on your organization’s network or website. The tool can take its findings and produce reports that can help your organization plan its next move. Awareness of your organization’s weaknesses, and a plan to fix them gives you the best shot at keeping your data safe.

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