Putting Data into Action With Infographics

Your nonprofit collects all kinds of data. Maybe you've analyzed it and figured out how much of an impact your organization is making on your community. Now what? How do you show the rest of the world?

For an increasing number of organizations, the answer is to use an infographic to visually present their data in compelling ways. We’ve pulled together some our favorite examples below.

Oxfam America—Let's Talk About Hunger

This infographic from Oxfam America is visually interesting and eye-catching, and contains a LOT of information using comparatively few words. It defines vocabulary relating to hunger while sharing important data points. Readers can easily learn the statistics associated with hunger without having to scroll through a spreadsheet or a PowerPoint presentation.

No Kid Hungry—Breakfast Changes Lives

This infographic from No Kid Hungry enforces the mission that breakfast changes the lives of schoolchildren by using data to prove the mission's value. By providing tangible facts, it inspires action to help ensure that every child receives breakfast before going to school.

ALS Association—Progress by the Bucketful


This infographic from the ALS Association tells a story. We can all recall watching videos for the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014, but how many of us have tracked its contribution to ALS research and care? Through this infographic, the reader learns the history of the Ice Bucket Challenge and sees the progress of ALS research and care.

How might your own nonprofit present data in an interesting and engaging way? In our upcoming course, The Complete Infographic Toolkit for Nonprofits: From Data to Action, you can learn about effective strategies for creating infographics, including simple to use tools to visually present your data. Over four Thursdays, you can create and workshop your own design with our course instructor, Laura Quinn, and graduate with an infographic you can share with your own audience.

The Complete Infographic Toolkit for Nonprofits: From Data to Action takes place from 1 to 2:30 PM Eastern over four Thursdays from February 6-27. Learn more or sign up for the course now.

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