Program Evaluation on the Brain

We've had program evaluation on the brain lately at Idealware, and for good reason. It's a critical part of nonprofit work--if you can't asses the effectiveness of your programs, you can't adapt them or improve them or prove to funders that you're doing all the good things in the world that you're actually doing.

Adding to our growing litany of program evaluation-related resources, Idealware's Director of Research and Operations Elizabeth Pope recently wrote about the topic for the TechSoup blog.

"Most nonprofits conduct some kind of program evaluation, whether it’s simply keeping track of how many people have been directly helped by an organization’s services or complex multi-year studies of a program’s effects on the larger community. There is a wealth of resources out there for a nonprofit looking to design a logic model or define indicators, and lots of smart people have plenty to say about program evaluation as a discipline."

Click through to read the full post, and then chime in to the comments to let us know your thoughts on the matter.


Topics: Insights
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