Nonprofits: Increase Agility with Cloud Phone Systems

iStock-591988638.jpgWant to forward your office phone to your mobile phone? Want to reduce your nonprofit's phone costs? "Cut the cord" and join us next Wednesday, Feb. 8th at 2pm est. for a webinar covering cloud based phone systems. Below are some questions you might ask yourself if you are considering making the switch.
1. Do you need a traditional phone system with physical office telephones, or could you use a virtual phone service that relies on mobile devices?

2. Do your organization offer the ability to work from the office, home, or remotely?

3. Do you want to reduce response time and improve collaboration?

Join us for a short presentation in which we will introduce you to our Hosted PBX VoIP (Voice over Internet) phone systems and explain how it can reduce your organization’s phone costs. 

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