How Nonprofit Use Tech To Increase Transparency

Image courtesy of Nonprofit Information Image courtesy of Nonprofit Information

Technology is enabling organizations of all kinds the unprecedented ability to communicate directly with all of their constituents. Whether they be donors, employees, volunteers, partners, sponsors just someone who likes to read your blog, nonprofits are leveraging technology to allow the public a looking glass into the inner working of their organizations.

Why is this important?

It’s important because transparency builds trust. Transparency shows those on the outside you have nothing to hide, and you’re proud of what’s going on behind closed doors.

How can your nonprofit use technology to become more transparent?

  1. Executive updates

    A direct message to your constituents through an e-newsletter, direct mail, or just an email is a great way to show your constituents your leadership is involved. In your CEO’s message you could update them on the latest technology you’ve implemented, how the funds raised at the latest even are being utilized, or what plans they have for the organization in the coming years.

  2. Blogs

    It’s been said on this blog and on many others, but your nonprofit blog’s importance can not be understated. Your blog is the most direct portal to the public and is often the first public facing documentation your constituents will see.

    Use your blog to provide the community or demographic you serve abreast to exactly what’s happening at your nonprofit. Share pictures of you setting up your next event or blog about federal law changes that impact your nonprofit and its mission.

  3. Idea testing

    The next time your nonprofit is having a difficult time deciding on a solution to a problem, check your CRM, and bring together a focus group of dedicated volunteers, event attendees, or social engagers to discuss the problem. You do not have to use their ideas, but their insight will often help you come to a consensus decision.

  4. Social engagement

    Disseminating photos, updates, and information via social media is one of the most natural and intuitive ways to increasing transparency into your company. Try tasking someone with responding to every Tweet @mention your nonprofit receives on social media to drive engagement. The more your nonprofit seems ingrained on these different networks, the more engaged and active your nonprofit will appear.

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