New Collaboration Features for Microsoft Office 365



Online tools like Microsoft Office 365 for nonprofits, allows you to store, share & collaborate on projects with your co-workers from anywhere. Many projects though, involve people outside of your organization, whether they are partners, consultants or vendors. 



Microsoft will gradually roll out these features over time. Starting with guest access in Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 users will be able to include outside parties to their projects. 

A welcome email will be the guest’s entree to the project, so it’s a logical starting point. You simply click the Add Guest link and enter the person’s email to get started. The guest receives a welcome email and will be sent emails and calendar invites and can even access file attachments.


Adding a guest in Outlook. Image Credit: Microsoft.

All guests have to sign into Microsoft to get Office 365 access, but they can be part of any email domain, even if it’s not part of a business.

Nonprofits that are ahead of the curve in the changing nature of work, in the modern cloud and mobile context. Are able to leverage technology in order to increase productivity, collaboration, and achieve their mission. 

 Work from anywhere and can collaborate with any number of individuals, whether they work directly for the organization or not.

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