Why You Need To Understand Your Volunteers

Image courtesy of Christian Leadership Alliance

The more people volunteer, the better off your nonprofit is.

We all know the hours donated to your nonprofit by ardent volunteers contributes both directly and indirectly to helping your nonprofit complete its mission.

According to several studies, volunteers are more likely to donate more than those who do not volunteer their time. However, enticing people to volunteer their time can be difficult.

Understanding what makes your volunteer tick is key to keeping them coming back to volunteer for your nonprofit time and time again. Without understanding what your volunteers are getting out of volunteering for your nonprofit, you’re missing some valuable data that cna help increase the amount of donations you receive! Here are 3 ways your nonprofit can start collecting data and better understanding your volunteers.

  1. Focus groups

    Gather a group of your nonprofit’s most frequent volunteers and understand why they give their time. Extrapolate that to ensure their return, and to help attract more people to give their time.

  2. Volunteer surveys

    Surveys are a great way to gather data and inform your nonprofit. Ask questions that will help you understand why people are giving their time. Then, once you have that information, ensure that your volunteer experience personifies these benefits.

  3. Interviews

    Everyone wants to feel like and understand how they’re contributing. Interviewing for volunteer positions is a great way to add legitimacy to a position, and make volunteers feel like they’re making a difference. Interview for leadership positions, where one volunteer might be directing a small team to make sure the right decision is being made.

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