More Intelligent Communications Coming to Office 365


Microsoft has been discussing recently, its plan to bring more intelligent communication software to the Office 365, and Teams interfaces. In a recent statement, Lori Wright confirmed that it will allow users to "complete tasks more efficiently with minimal context switching, participate in more productive meetings that cover the entire meeting lifecycle, and better manage your everyday communications overload." In addition, the business meeting feature will improve.

  • Before a meeting, Teams will surface relevant documents and rich information about the participants to help you prepare.
  • During the meeting, the conversation can be captured, transcribed, and time-coded, with closed captioning and voice recognition for attributing remarks to specific individuals.
  • After the meeting, the cloud recording and transcript can be automatically added to the relevant channel, so conversations, documents, notes, and action items can be reviewed, indexed, and searched by the entire team.

Bringing this technology into 2018 will really pull together all of the pieces to make this intelligent communication truly all-encompassing and comprehensive. In effect this will help to Optimize Operations in your daily nonprofit processes.

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