Microsoft Continues Astonishing Us All With NonProfit Pricing


It’s a digital world, and we’re all just living in it.

Fortunately for nonprofits, technology has enabled us to do things that even 15 years ago we wouldn’t even imagine being able to do. Like buzzing a few thousand peoples’ pockets with an email asking for donations or volunteers, or even being able to update that constituent data in a CRM system at the press of a button. Unfortunately, however, is that a lot of this technology comes with a hefty price tag.

Whether we’re talking about hardware or software, keeping our nonprofits on the current most up-to-date tech is at times a laborious and expensive task.

 Some businesses, however, have taken a stand to help the nonprofit sector get their hands on the latest and greatest in software to empower them to more effectively complete their mission.

Our friends in the Citizenship team at Microsoft continue to work with their teams to offer nonprofit discounts and donation on the hottest cloud offerings available including Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM. Microsoft’s latest offer is the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), a powerful product that enables you to keep your employees productive on their favorite apps and devices, while keeping your organization’s data protected.

Microsoft’s EMS protects all of your nonprofit’s office email, files, and apps more secure, while saving your up to 50% on the cost of buying standalone solutions from other vendors.

If you’re interested in learning more about Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite for nonprofits, you’re in luck, because Tech Impact will be holding a webinar on the topic in February! Click Here to register and save the time on your calendar!

The best news?

Microsoft is offering you this powerful tool for a paltry $1.65 per user, per month.

Mobile is a way of life in the working world today, and without a robust system to support your nonprofit’s growing dependency on mobile devices, it will be more and more difficult for your nonprofit to grow at scale.

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