Meet Nathan Billups: ITWorks Delaware Student Spotlight


It’s now the Delaware class that is running past the halfway mark of the ITWorks program! We sat down with Nathan, a current student who is getting ready to take the CompTIA A+ exam and start his tech internship at The City of Wilmington. It’s been a whirlwind so far, but he is ready for the next step of this life-changing program. Read on the learn more about his story.

ITWorks: It’s hard to believe that you are already halfway through the ITWorks program! The last two months have flown by. What stands out about your experience here so far?

Nathan: The classroom learning environment has been a highlight. It works so well for me because the material is presented in so many ways. For each chapter, we get all the info by lecture first. But then it’s followed-up by small group work, individual reading, presentations, and labs. All the ways that we get to learn makes the information stick and gives us countless the opportunity to ask questions along the way. The support is amazing as well. The staff are here for us at any moment for any little thing. Lastly, I am enjoying the Friday Sessions! It’s great to see what IT looks like all while learning the interpersonal skills that will make me a great employee no matter where I go.

ITW: Those soft skills are going to be important when you head off to your ITWorks internship, and for your career beyond! Speaking of the internship, you just finished your interviews! Tell us more about them.

N: I had the opportunity to interview with The City of Wilmington, Red Clay School District, Del Tech, and Goodwill. I was impressed with all the sites that were presented to us! What I’m really looking to get out my internship is the ability to get practice resolving customer issues over the phone and network as much as possible! Moreover, I am interested in gaining hands-on experience so that I can be confident moving forward as I start my career.

ITW: Phone support is something that definitely requires some practice! Looking ahead, where do you hope this program takes you in your career?

N: My goal is to be a full-time employee as a technology repair technician and helping people with their tech problems. I hope that I’ll have my own place by then with another cat, haha! But really, I just want to be financially secure and stable. And hopefully I’ll be studying for my next certification!

ITW: You have a lot of pride to be part of the Wilmington community. Why are alternative programs like ITWorks important here?

N: A lot of people don’t know that working in the tech field is accessible. This program is a game-changer. It gives you the knowledge you need, the hands-on experience, and changes lives. That’s what Wilmington needs more of.

ITW: So, what made you decide that ITWorks was the program you wanted to invest your time in?

N: I went to college for a little while to study Computer Science, but it didn’t work out. I had been applying for tech jobs, but I didn’t have the certifications or experience that any of them required, so I was getting discouraged. But then my sister heard about ITWorks. She works for the City, and someone mentioned that they got their tech interns from this training program. So, we investigated it, and I was sold. I remember reading that real tech professionals were part of the whole experience, and that differentiated this program from others. It’s about more than just delivering content. That is important for my goals.

You are so right, Nathan! The Delaware class will have the opportunity to meet over 100 volunteers who work in the tech field, in addition to earning certifications and an internship – all in just 16 weeks! Best of luck on the second half of your ITWorks journey.

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