Meet ITWorks Student Zach Meyer

“Tech Impact gave me the opportunity to actually have a career versus just having random jobs.” That is Zach Meyer’s key takeaway from the free IT training course he’ll be graduating from in just a few days. Zach was always interested in technology, so when he learned about the ITWorks program from a neighbor, he saw it as an opportunity to expand his tech knowledge and gain hands-on experience.

A key focus of the 16-week program is to provide hands-on experience, expose students to real workplaces through Friday Sessions and internships, and teach soft skills that help with workplace interactions.

“I like the hands-on portions—working with VMWare, disassembling the PC and reassembling it. I also liked visiting CAI and being able to shadow help desk calls and seeing the server room, which mostly interests me because servers are the field that I want to pursue. Friday sessions helped with getting a grasp on managing time and stress, along with emotions. When we visited Barclays, being able to talk to all sorts of different people about their situations, how they got where they are, it was a boost of morale because some people had a harder time than others. Along with that, being able to talk to people from different companies gives you a good network that will likely help down the road."

Zach completed an internship at New Castle County where he assisted in deploying PCs and laptops, completed service tickets for password resets and monitor issues, and helped to set up new workstations. “The internship is a good way to get your foot in the door and get hands-on experience,” said Zach. “Being in an actual workplace solving actual problems instead of ones that are predetermined for you in a test environment—it’s a nice way to learn how everything actually functions.”

The future is wide-open for Zach, who is open to working for any kind of company right now, but ultimately wants to work for a hospital. “I see that as my way of giving back to those who have helped me throughout my life. I originally thought about going into the nursing field, but am now trying to get into the IT field, where I am more comfortable and actually feel like I have a good grasp on working with tech. I want to work with a hospital, specifically AI Dupont, which helped me a lot growing up.”

We wish Zach and the rest of the Tech Impact ITWorks Fall 2019 Delaware graduating class the best of luck as they launch their careers in the IT industry. We’re so proud of you!

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