ITWorks Alumni Spotlight: Tiffani Quitman

Tiffani, ready for a career change, first heard about the ITWorks program from her friend, who was an ITWorks graduate. At the time, Tiffani was working at Macy’s doing administrative work. Tiffani had developed a strong skillset in customer service, and she could picture a career path that combined her customer service skills with tech. Tiffani was excited to submit her application for the ITWorks program and to be accepted.

One thing that Tiffani especially appreciated about the program was her fellow classmates. They worked as a team and supported each other in getting their CompTIA A+ certifications. Tiffani also appreciated the networking opportunities that the ITWorks program provided. Everyone she met was approachable, personable, and helpful, no matter what position they held at a company. Sessions with Citizens Bank and Comcast stood out the most to Tiffani.

“Knowing that people expect us to ask questions and want us to be curious about them – them being receptive to that was one of my favorite things.”

Tiffani formed a great relationship with her mentor from Accenture. In fact, her mentor played a key role in helping Tiffani transition to a remote learning environment, and to prepare for interviews during COVID-19. Tiffani felt supported throughout the ITWorks program by her mentors, teachers, and fellow classmates.

“It’s a great program. The resources we have alone – being able to get a laptop, the exam cram book, the online courses, meet the people that I met – to have everything be free is amazing. It’s a really wonderful program.”

All ITWorks students participate in a five-week internship prior to graduation. During COVID-19, the ITWorks program was still able to secure remote positions for the students. Tiffani completed her remote internship at Accenture. Even in shifting to remote work, Tiffani felt that she was able to have a full internship experience. Leading up to graduation, Tiffani remained focused on getting her certifications and finding employment. Tiffani’s dedication paid off, as she now works at Bank of America as a Technical Support Analyst. 

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