ITWorks Alumni Spotlight: Amir Dawan

Our ITWorks program provides young adults with the training and support they need to launch careers in IT, and we love sharing their successes as they graduate and go on to do just that.

“I went from being someone who was not working in the technology field at all to someone who is now propelling himself to new heights at an exhilarating pace,” said Amir Dawan, who graduated from the ITWorks program in 2016. Since then he been steadily building a career in the tech industry.

Amir's first post-ITWorks position was with Comcast, working at an external call center servicing the Southern part of the U.S. A recruiter for Independence Blue Cross, a company that has had positive experiences working with ITWorks graduates, contacted him, and that contractor position turned into a full-time job. Now Amir is working at Independence Blue Cross's internal help desk as an IS Service Desk Analyst. 

Completing the free, 16-week ITWorks program provided Amir with not only the technical skills needed to secure these opportunities but also the career counseling skills needed to help market himself to employers. Amir said that one of the biggest benefits of the ITWorks training program was the interview preparedness training.  

“My confidence in interviewing was an unexpected, but huge benefit from my time at ITWorks. From the time that we spent going over and perfecting our resumes, to the multiple mock interviews that included great feedback. I now feel as though once I have a face-to-face interview, the job is already mine.” 

Amir says that ITWorks helped him build confidence in starting a career.

“I’ve personally benefited from ITWorks by gaining multiple mentors and colleagues in the technology field that I would have never [have] had the chance of meeting [otherwise],” he said. 

For Amir, this is only the beginning. He's currently enrolled in Tech Impact’s ITWorks 2.0 training and is working toward obtaining his Network Plus certification, with plans to continue to obtain his CompTIA Net+ and CompTIA Sec+ certifications. At Tech Impact, we're thrilled to have the opportunity to work with students such as Amir, and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next! 

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