Meet Aurelio Ortega: ITWorks Las Vegas Student Spotlight


It’s that time of year again! The Fall 2018 season at Tech Impact has begun. The ITWorks Las Vegas class is getting things started this week, and the new students are hungry to learn. Aurelio is one of those students. Having spent some time in diverse industries after graduating high school, he knew that he wanted to pursue more education and an actual career. A previous teacher had introduced him to the idea of certifications and shared information about the ITWorks program. Now, he’s ready to take the fast track to an IT career!

ITWorks: Congratulations on your acceptance into the Fall 2018 class in Las Vegas! You should be very proud! ITWorks students come from all walks of life. Tell us a little about yours.

Aurelio: Well, I always knew that I wanted to pursue more education after high school, but I didn’t think college was the right next step for me. I really wanted something that would help me get started in a stable career so that I could afford to go to college instead of accumulating a bunch of debt. I didn’t know what was out there, so I’ve been keeping myself busy with different jobs – laying concrete, auto detailing at a dealership, and being part of the team at a local venue for events.

ITW: It sounds like you’ve been busy and gaining some diverse experience! It can be tough to find college alternatives when you aren’t sure where to look, but ITWorks definitely fits the bill. How did you end up learning about the program?

A: I actually heard about ITWorks from one of my high school teachers. She is really invested in her students and former students, so she wanted to make sure we knew about non-college opportunities that were available to us. That was how I learned certifications could be a better launch pad to a career than a degree. Since technology has always been an interest of mind, this program made perfect sense!

ITW: What a great story – it sounds like ITWorks is exactly what you have been searching for. Now that you are here, what’s the end goal? What are you hoping to walk away with?

A: If I’m being honest, the certifications! Those are my biggest goal, and I can’t wait to add those to my resume. But looking at the big picture, I want to set myself up for the future. The technical knowledge is going to be key, but I know the professional skills are super important, too.

ITW: You are right about that, both the technical and professional knowledge are going to help get you where you want to go. Speaking of where you want to go, if we fast forward one year from now – what do you hope to be doing?

A: Right now, IT networking is the most compelling to me, but I am hoping that ITWorks will help me figure out the area of IT I want to pursue. Beyond that, I hope that I will find a company where I can grow. I want to be part of a team that I can knit myself into for the long-run.

You’re in the right place to do just that, Aurelio! Welcome to all the new ITWorks Las Vegas students. Good luck on this 16-week journey as you prepare to kickstart your IT careers.

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