ITWorks Student Spotlight: Virginia Bomar

Before applying to ITWorks, Virginia Bomar was on the search for a more fulfilling career path. She had always been interested in IT and IT security, and when she searched for relevant training programs, ITWorks appeared at the top of the page. She submitted her application and was accepted into the Spring 2021 ITWorks cohort.

Virginia had previously started college but realized it was not the right path for her. Having taken classes in finance, she moved into a job in the banking field where she developed customer service skills and learned how to budget her time and how to be a self-starter. She was able to use these skills in the ITWorks program.

“I learned a lot about getting tasks done in a timely manner and customer service,” she said. “I learned my ‘bedside manner’ with people, and that helped to make connections a lot easier.”

Despite finding employment in banking, Virginia knew that she wanted something different. She wanted to have a career where she would enjoy what she was doing every day.

“With IT, it is a new problem every single day,” she said. “That aspect was my launching-off point. I really wanted more fulfillment from work, and I think that so far, IT is looking like it will do that for me.”

Virginia is now getting ready to graduate from the ITWorks program and has found the experience enjoyable. One thing that stands out to her is the people. Between the instructors, coordinators, and classmates, having communication with peers has been invaluable for Virginia’s learning.

One particularly memorable session was a Lunch and Learn with the Delaware Department of Technology and Information. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable about the IT sector and able to provide insight into what to expect day-to-day in a job and knew the job market.

Virginia is leaving the program with a suite of new skills and more motivation to reach her goals. She is currently interning at CSC where she feels welcomed onto the team and is able to apply her technical skills. This internship experience is helping Virginia to visualize her future career, and after graduation, she would like to get a full-time IT position and pursue additional certifications.

If you connect with Virginia’s story, consider applying to the next cohort of ITWorks. Applications are now open!

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