ITWorks Spring Graduates Relfect on Their Experience


ITWorks Spring 2017 sessions wrapped up last month with graduation ceremonies to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates, and two students from each location delivered moving speeches about their path that led to ITWorks and a reflection on their experience.

The graduates came from a wide array of backgrounds – from pharmacy technicians to being in the Reserves, recent high school graduates to those with some college under their belt, and everywhere in between. All of them saw ITWorks as an opportunity to start on a promising career path. Now, we’re just a few months away from the next cohort of students! Interested in learning more about ITWorks? Read on to hear how it could be the pivotal moment in your career.

Adam, from the ITWorks Philadelphia class said, “Before I applied to this program, I had been applying to jobs in the IT industry and getting familiar with the fresh rejection letters in my inbox every morning. Despite how driven I was, self-study and toughing it out on my own wasn’t enough to achieve my goals. That’s when I realized I needed help. I started to look for something that would give me a competitive edge – something that would help me stand out. Then I found ITWorks.” Having applied to the program once before, Adam took full advantage of every day and experience! He successfully earned his A+ certification, thrived at his internship with our very own help desk at Tech Impact – and was such a valuable asset to the team that he was offered a job after graduation.


ItWorks Philadelphia Graduate Adam May

“This program wasn’t easy, at least not for me. The program was so fast-paced, my head is spinning at the idea that it’s graduation already. But thanks to an amazing, engaging and caring teacher, I get to stand before you today – graduating with a wonderful class,” said Katie, a Delaware graduate, as she reflected on the program. Her love for gaming propelled her to consider IT, where she has found a passion. She is now the proud holder of an A+ certification and is at an extended internship with the University of Delaware.


ITWorks Delaware Grauate Katie

My, a new Philadelphia graduate, said that, ““I would be lying if I said that ITWorks only helped me to achieve a CompTIA A+ certification, that it only prepared me to obtain an entry-level position in the field of Information Technology. No, it provided me so much more.” Delaware graduate, Crystina, agrees by saying, “Going through this course taught me that I can learn pretty much anything within any amount of time. In a short time frame of 11 weeks, we learned everything from the parts of a motherboard, the different steps of troubleshooting, networking, financial literacy, how to conduct ourselves when applying for jobs, that Walt’s has some of the best fried chicken known to man, and so much more.” Bruce, a Las Vegas graduate, had a similar story to tell when he shared that, “A long time ago, I used to be that kid that would give up if things didn’t go as planned. This program helped me solidify that I need to keep pushing no matter what. Did I mention that I’m A+ certified now?!”

“After 16 weeks, it is over, but our journey into the world of Information Technology has only just begun. As challenging and fast-paced as the past four months have been, I survived and learned enough to feel confident working in an entry-level IT position. We all struggled at times, but we have made it to the end, and it is a great achievement,” Las Vegas graduate, Sultaneh, said in closing during her graduation speech. And we couldn’t agree more – it’s a wonderful achievement! Crystina also finished up with encouraging words. She said, “I wish you all luck in your career search, and hope we can stay in touch. I also encourage you to tell your family and friends about this wonderful program. I know I will!”


ITWorks Las Vegas Graudate Sultaneh

ITWorks is an award winning 16-week job training program that changes lives. ITWorks offers free, immersive IT training to young adults– motivated high school graduates, 18-26 years old, who have not yet completed a Bachelor’s degree.

Students earn a professional certification in IT and a real-world internship inside leading corporations and nonprofits.

We are currently accepting applications for the fall semester!

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