ITWorks Partnership Shows WSFS Bank's Dedication to Serving Their Community


Since 1832, WSFS has been a service-oriented, locally managed community banking institution, serving Delaware Valley families and businesses of all sizes. Their commitment to the community through their core values goes far beyond the financial institution’s customers, to providing employment opportunities for talented local job-seekers. In fact, WSFS has been an internship and employment partner of ITWorks for several years. These hands-on experiences after students have moved on from the classroom are vital to launching and sustaining their careers.

With WSFS’ dedication to service, it was only natural that education would be one of their focus areas. Justin Dunn, Senior Vice President & Marketing Director, discussed why education is so important to WSFS in a recent interview with Tech Impact: “Making a visible impact in the lives of others is our mission and our goal when it comes to community efforts. Ensuring the youth in the communities we serve have a solid educational foundation is the best way to set them up for future success.” So, when WSFS was first introduced to Tech Impact in 2003, it made perfect sense for the financial institution to find a way to be involved.

The like-minded connection between both WSFS’ and ITWorks’ desired outcomes has only propelled the partnership to grow with time. Jim Mazarakis, the Executive Vice President and CTO at WSFS, reflected on the origin of the connection. After initially supporting the Tech Impact Technology Awards Luncheon, WSFS “…agreed to hire one of [the ITWorks] graduates as a trainee for our Help Desk. Since then, we have continued to hire a number of interns from [ITWorks], including eight graduates who assisted us with the integration of Penn Liberty Bank with WSFS Bank this past summer.”

Education is not the only aspect of the ITWorks program that makes for a symbiotic relationship. With the growing trend on technology in the area, offering a springboard for careers in the field aligns with WSFS’ long-term goals. Upon discussing technological innovation in Delaware, Luke Donaldson, the Director of Enterprise PMO and IT Management Services, stated, “The need for technology professionals is ongoing for businesses in our home state and represents a long term opportunity for those that pursue the field.” He went on to challenge the notion that successful IT careers can only be procured in Silicon Valley. Rather, Luke hopes that by supporting programs like ITWorks, WSFS can be a part of the trend that demonstrates to local talent that a technology career path can be found in businesses and organizations that they wouldn’t normally think of, such as financial services, healthcare and others. He emphasized, “We want to increase awareness of the many IT needs within our home state and promote Delaware as a great place of innovation and opportunity. There are many people that are interested in technology careers but simply need a path leading towards that goal.   ITWorks provides that path forward and we are honored to be a part of the effort”. 

Both WSFS and ITWorks hope that the continued success of both organizations proves to become an ongoing successful partnership. David Mayne, AVP and Technology Services Operations Manager, who works closely with many of the ITWorks graduates currently employed at the bank, believes very strongly in what the workforce development program is aiming to accomplish. When asked about his experience he said, “ITWorks currently fills a gap in the lives of young adults who otherwise may not have the opportunity to acquire formalized skills and training. This is an exceptionally valuable service to the Wilmington area.” All of the associates who participated in the interview overwhelmingly agreed that ITWorks provides students with the technical and professional skills they need to be successful. The entire ITWorks team is incredibly grateful for organizations like WSFS that bring the training full-circle by allowing students and graduates to bring their skills and talents to a satisfying career.

-- ITWorks is a free 16-week technology training program for young adults ages 18 to 26. Through 11 weeks of classroom study and hands-on workshops, students prepare for the industry-leading CompTIA A+ Certification. Through 5 weeks of internship, students build their resumes and real-world skills. Students complete over 100 hours of professional development training led by area IT and HR professionals. ITWorks holds classes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Wilmington, Delaware; and Las Vegas, Nevada. ITWorks is a program of Tech Impact, a nonprofit whose mission is to empower communities and other nonprofits to use technology to better serve our world.

-- WSFS Bank: For more than 180 years Wilmington Savings Fund Society has faithfully servedthe community, guided by the simple idea that when you do the right thing and treat people the right way, good things happen. To WSFS, this means making service a priority and continually investing in technologies that make it easy to do business with them.

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