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Morgan15.jpgITWorks Delaware kicked off today in Wilmington, and we met with new student Morgan Dubicki to learn more about what she was doing prior to joining the program and where she hopes to be when she leaves. With two recent cross-country moves under her belt, Morgan is excited to get started on a new career in IT. Read on to learn more!

ITWorks: What have you been doing prior to starting ITWorks in regards to work and/or school?

Morgan: I went to Wilmington University in 2013 for about a year and a half. I was a good student; I was on the Dean’s List for three different semesters. I studied Media and Communications, and I loved it there but I wasn’t able to continue due to financial constraints. So I decided to move to Portland to live with my sister for awhile, and I was just working in food service there. I couldn’t stay there any longer, so I moved back home and started working with my mom at her restaurant.

ITW: How did you hear about the ITWorks program? What made you decide to apply?

M: My boyfriend, Philip, graduated from the ITWorks program back in 2013. He absolutely loved the experience and it dramatically changed the trajectory of his life. He had been working in food service just like me, and now three years later he is the lead IT guy at a law firm. We get to talk about his experience all the time, and that’s something that I’ve always wanted. I have needed a change in the direction of my life, and this is my opportunity. I’m ready for a career, and ITWorks is going to get me there. I’ve always been into technology, and I have known that it’s only going to continue to grow. So I’m excited to be part of a field that I can grow with.

ITW: What are you most looking forward to about the 11-week classroom portion of the program? Anything you are nervous about?

M: I was honestly nervous at first about meeting my classmates, but ever since the group interview I have only been excited about getting into the classroom. I’m relatively new to IT; I’ve never taken apart a computer before so I’m slightly nervous about being the small fish in a big pond. But my nerves have slowly diminished as I’ve come to realize that there are others in the same shoes as me, and I wouldn’t be here if the instructors didn’t think I could do it.

ITW: What are you excited about during the internship? Is there a specific experience you are hoping to walk away with?

M: It’s going to be good to actually get to know people in the field and see IT in action first-hand. I think that’s going to really help with the rest of my career. I am excited to take the knowledge I learn in the classroom and pair that with the hands-on experience. And I hope I have the opportunity to really get to know my colleagues and learn from their experiences.

ITW: What do you think graduation will be like? Any anxiety about looking for a job?

M: I’ve been to an ITWorks graduation before, so I know what a happy and festive occasion it will be. And I can only imagine what it will feel like as being an actual graduate of the program. Afterwards, I can’t lie – getting out there for interviews and starting the job search process scares me a little bit. Taking that plunge is going to be tough, but the best things in life are like that. I know that with the team at ITWorks on my side that it’s going to be a lot easier than I think it will be. And I know I’ll find something that suits me and will allow me to grow.

ITW: What is/are your ultimate career goal(s)? Where do you want to be in the next year or two? Ten to 15 years?

M: I’ve looked into different aspects of IT; and the security and networking fields seem really interesting to me. I know that coding is really hot right now as well, so that would be a great area to explore. I hope that ITWorks can help me figure out which niche of IT is right for me, and no matter what I want to add to my certifications. I know that IT is like a lot of medical fields, you have to stay on top of the emerging trends. In the long-term, more than anything, I’d like to be able to take on a management or leadership role. I’m good at following direction and getting the job done, but it would be awesome to have a small team to oversee. I know I would be good at it.

ITW: What has been/will be the impact of ITWorks in your life?

M: Already, it’s been a great confidence booster being accepted into this amazing program. A lot of times, especially for young adults, it’s really hard to find a career direction. This has already put me in such a great state of mind, and it’s given me purpose. I like being good at what I do, so this is my new driving force to propel me to a place where I am the best at what I do.

ITW: Why do you think programs like ITWorks are important? What benefits do they bring?

M: I think they are important… well, let’s bring it back for a minute. It’s not like it was 20-30 years ago; if you don’t have the money to get a college degree then you don’t have the same opportunities. So programs like this are helping the economy because they are putting people who had not found their potential into jobs, which helps the community as a whole. And as communities grow stronger, the outcomes will only continue to be great. It can be hard to find hope when you’re feeling lost, and ITWorks provides an opportunity for hope and a future.

ITW: What are your hobbies, unrelated to information technology?

M: I am really interested in media, especially movie critiques. I enjoy volunteering when I can with the SPCA. And I just recently moved to Wilmington and I love it here! Let’s see…within the last six months or so, I’ve found my love of health and fitness which is something that I can’t imagine living without now. Also, I love anything to do with nature and being outside – from hiking to sitting on a beach – and I think that’s made me an advocate for the environment as well. Oh, and I love to cook! The new place I moved into has a fantastic stove and I have had a lot of fun trying lots of new recipes.  

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