Infographic: The 5 Myths Of Mobile Giving

The Internet is a transitive place. And that’s an understatement.

Shunned at first, and thought to be ‘just another fad’, the Internet has, as you know, become the medium for communication, interaction, and way people work and spend their leisure time.

So what’s the latest trend everyone’s talking about? It’s mobile. Mobile everything. Mobile apps, mobile phones, mobile responsive websites, and mobile optimized donation pages. It’s the last one that has the nonprofit world buzzing.

The idea of a donor having the capacity to anywhere, at anytime give to their nonprofit is an intriguing thought, after all. On the train to work? Capable of donating. In line to get coffee? Capable of donating. At the bar with some friends after work? Capable of donating.

However, just like the Internet itself before it, there are those who believe this concept of mobile giving is merely a fad, and through some inherent flaws, will never truly rule the nonprofit donation landscape. The good folks over at npEngage created this infographic to thwart these ideals, and to dispel any of the myths that are floating around about mobile giving, and its role in the future of nonprofit giving.


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