How to Focus on Becoming a More Data-Centric Nonprofit


For some it may come as a shock that being a data-driven organization might mean allowing members of your org to access more data.. and of all kinds: the good, the bad, and the in between. If you're one of the higher-ups in your nonprofit, the sooner you come to the realization that this (although scary) will empower your employees, the better. An article by Scot Chisolm, CEO of StayClassy, discusses the importance of this among two other Steps to Make Your Nonprofit More Data Driven.

He continues to state that how you divide up this data in order to analyze it is key. Having the right data in the right hands is very important in this process. Also, determining what metrics are worth analyzing is important as well.

Lastly, hiring the right staff is discussed, in which Scot states, "The right type of person, regardless of function, will find an appreciation for the role that data should play in any successful organization." This is key in ensuring that your employees are constantly motivated towards forward progress, innovation and success within the company. Employees who are motivated in those ways will be eager to begin the process of becoming data-driven.

To get started, some might want to employ Data Management Services which can be of great help and support in getting your organization up to speed in becoming more data-centric.

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