How Nonprofits Can Recruit Top Talent

Finding and retaining top talent at a small nonprofit organization can be difficult. It requires not only excellent recruiting and interviewing skills, but also a healthy work environment that encourages staff to stay with the organization. Luckily, there are a few ways that nonprofits can position themselves to be more favorable to top talent. From getting the right candidates in the door to negotiating benefits and salary, there are several things that recruiters can do to obtain top talent.

Have Key Messaging

Make sure your nonprofit organization's mission is clear and compelling. Top candidates won't waste their time applying to a job unless they are positive they can contribute to the organization's goals. It helps to have a document with key messaging that can be used in emails or in-person that aligns with the messaging written elsewhere on the organization's website or marketing materials.

Appeal to Candidate's Aspirations and Motivations

Most candidates applying to a nonprofit organization have a desire to do good things for their community, nation, or even across the globe. Appealing to this desire to "do good" will draw in the right candidates. In job descriptions or at career fairs, it is important to empower a candidate to see their potential at the organization and how they can contribute to a broader goal. Additionally, it helps to find out what candidate's are passionate about and interested in during the first interview. Ask them how they see themselves at the organization or how they think they can contribute to the organization's cause. You'll empower candidates to do their job well before they are even offered a position.

Focus on What the Organization Offers

Top talent won't work for an organization that doesn't reward for hard work or appreciate its employees. In addition to discussing the many ways the candidate can contribute to the organization's goals, take some time to focus on how the organization takes care of its employees. If a nonprofit organization wants to attract top talent, it should have appealing benefits that show it values its employees health and happiness. This might include paid maternity leave or a free gym membership. Whatever it is, make sure that you sell both the organization's vision and the benefits of the job.

These are just a few ways to inspire and motivate top candidates to apply for and accept positions. Asking the right questions and presenting your organization the right way can help you attract talent that is passionate and motivated to join your organization's cause.

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