Fall 2016 Graduates Reflect on Their Time with ITWorks


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ITWorks Fall 2016 sessions wrapped up at the end of December with graduation ceremonies to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates, and two standout students from each location delivered moving speeches about their journeys before finding the program, and their thoughts on the 16-week process.

Our graduates came from a wide array of backgrounds – from working six years in a bakery, to training and working for the National Guard, to doing odd jobs and trying to figure out which direction to go next. All of them saw ITWorks as an opportunity to start on a promising career path.

Cynara, from the Las Vegas class, says that “Computers have always been a big part of my life, but I never really considered a career in it. I wanted to be an artist or a writer. Technology was always there in the background, but never seemed like something I could do.” Although she was nervous starting the program and at the beginning of her internship, she earned her A+ certification and excelled at her internship with Southwest Gas.

“ITWorks is truly a unique program, that you can find nowhere else. It opens doors and gives students opportunities, and truly sets them up for success in the technology field. This program has changed my life,” says Kyle, a Delaware graduate. Kyle found his passion in the ITWorks program, successfully completed his internship with the University of Delaware, and now has direction in his life that he was lacking before.

The pursuit of excellence from our graduates is admirable, and none of them are done when they leave our classrooms. Richard from Delaware hopes “to take what I have learned and continue towards my goal of becoming a software developer in the security field,” and Justin from Philadelphia (the one who worked in the bakery) says, “[ITWorks has] given me hope for a brighter future,” as he pursues a reliable career in the IT field.

ITWorks is proud of all of our graduates for making it through a tough 16 weeks, and we are honored to make a difference in the lives of our students. We agree with Marques, a Philadelphia graduate, when he says, “Though most of us were strangers when we started, we’ve all grown so much closer, effectively becoming a family.”

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