Do You Wait Until it's Broken to Fix It?

We hope that you stayed warm and dry and that your organization hasn't been negatively affected by Hurricane Sandy. Our office was closed on Monday and Tuesday, so we're adjusting to getting back to work and fixing what was broken during the storm.

Luckily, my neighborhood wasn't hit hard, we didn't lose trees or power and while we were asked to stay off the roads, it's been alright. We have been thanking our lucky stars that my neighbors voluntarily opted to cut down the 50-foot dead tree in their front yard about a month ago. If that had been standing on Sunday, there's a good chance it would have been in our house on Monday.

You may be wondering how my neighbor's tree relates to your organization, but the situation is not unlike your office technology. My neighbors knew that the tree was dead and that it needed to be removed. They knew that one bad storm could uproot it or send it crashing into the street to damage cars or other houses. So, this summer, they solicited some estimates and hired a work crew to remove it.

We've talked about how your organization gauges it's technology temperatureKnowing the status of your organization's technology is important when you're planning your budget for the next year, devising your strategic plan or hiring staff. If you know you need a new copier or new computers for your staff, do you wait until they're broken? Or do you, like my neighbor, start to address the problem before your office is filled with the smoke from broken devices?

Has the recent weather made you rethink some of your office technology? Are you waiting for something to break before you replace it? Or are you taking the steps to make small changes before they become big problems?

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