The DIY Donor Management Software Selection Process

I've recently been doing a number of small "micro-consulting" call-in sessions with nonprofits looking to switch Donor Management Systems. At the conclusion of each call, I walk participants through a process for taking the conversation we just had to a more detailed level, arming them with a sort of DIY software selection roadmap. This step-by-step process can be hugely helpful in taking what seems to be a completely overwhelming process and sectioning it off into achievable, time-bound chunks.

So here it is, the Idealware DIY Donor Management Software Selection Process:

Figure Out if You Really Need a New System

Is it a problem with:

  • Training?
  • Support?
  • Understanding?

Or is it really:

  • Too Weak/Robust?
  • Too Expensive?
  • Out Of Date?
  • No Longer Supported?


Identify a Team of Stakeholders

Make sure everyone who will use or be affected by the system is represented.

Understand Your Current Processes

  • Make a detailed list of fundraising processes. Then, standardize them.
  • Use best practices. Eliminate redundancies before you invest.

Prioritize a Features Wish List

  • What does the software have to be able to do? What’s nice to have? I recommend creating a three tiered list:
  • What do you need or else the system is useless?
  • What would be nice to have but isn’t a deal breaker.
  • What would you want if money was no option?

Do Your Research

Schedule Vendor Demonstrations

Rank the Systems Against Your Wish List

And choose the right one for you!

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