CXWorks Student Spotlight - Raul Belloso

The Spring 2018 CXWorks class kicked-off last week, and this cohort is off to a great start! We recently caught up with one of the students, Raul, who is especially excited about the opportunity. He was so ready to get started that he decided to begin CXWorks right after high school! We'll check back in with Raul during the final week to see what's next on his journey. Read on to learn more about Raul and his story. 

CXWorks: Congrats on your acceptance into the CXWorks program! We are thrilled to have you as part of the Spring 2018 cohort. I understand that you are a recent high school graduate. What made you decide to apply now?

Raul: I saw this as such an amazing opportunity, and something that I did not want to pass up. I want to start my career as soon as possible, so I wanted to get started right away. It’s a lot, but I know that the harder that I work right now, the better the outcome is going to be for me later on.

CXW: Sounds like you have an amazing work ethic for someone so young! How did you first hear about the CXWorks program?  

R: A few of my family members work at PRA, which is one of the partner organizations of the program. They had seen previous CXWorks students in the office, so they inquired of their co-workers as to what the program was, and that’s how they learned about CXWorks. They encouraged me to check it out! I was a little skeptical at first, but just after this first week I am completely sold. I can already see the change in myself and where I want to take my career.

CXW: Good looking out on your family’s part! I bet they are excited to see how this program sets-up the foundation for your career in customer service. What drew you to this field?

R: I know that Customer Service is applicable for any field that I may choose to pursue in the future, so it just makes sense. But more than anything, I love helping people. If I can do that in my everyday life, that sounds really rewarding to me.

CXW: That’s a common thread among many CXWorks students – they all love helping people! I think you are in the right place. So how about the rest of your family and friends; are they excited for you?

R: Absolutely! They are so supportive because they know how much this is going to benefit me in such a short period of time. I have the ability to be walking into a career in eight short weeks. I’m the youngest in the class right now. Give me two months and I’ll be on the same page as some people a decade beyond me.

CXW: You are in a great spot to have a very bright future, that is for sure! I know you’re only a week into the program, but what has been the greatest highlight so far?

R: The first Friday Session! We went to Ameriprise. We were able to just walk right in and have conversations with professionals that I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to meet. It’s a little surreal! The topic was Leadership. They shared so much insight into their leadership style and what goes on behind their doors.

CXW: The Friday Sessions are such an integral part of the program, and often a highlight for students and volunteers alike. There are many more to come! Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience at this point in the program?

R: Just that this is a great opportunity – for all of us! And anyone! You get so much experience in so little time. There’s really only one place you can get that, and it’s here at CXWorks.

We can't wait to check back in during Week 8 to hear about what the CXWorks experience has been like for Raul, and to learn where he is off to next! Best of luck to this great group of students! You can learn more about CXWorks at

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