CXWorks Student Spotlight: Omar Gutierrez


We can believe that its already the 4th CXWorks Class! CXWorks offers free career training to young adults in the Las Vegas community who are ready to master the Customer Experience. Our fall session already has a week under their belts in Las Vegas, and we are thrilled to introduce one of the new students – Omar Gutierrez. As a recent high school graduate, Omar knew he wanted to build his career but didn’t know where to start. Luckily, he found out about CXWorks! He recently spoke with us about the first week in the classroom and where he hopes to go from here. Keep an eye out for Part 2 during graduation week when we’ll check-in with Omar again to see what’s next!

CXWorks: What had you been doing prior to starting the CXWorks program?

Omar: Before I started CXWorks, I was working full-time at a Mexican restaurant. I was feeling really lost, because I just graduated from high school in June and knew I wasn’t reaching my full potential but I didn’t know where to start.

CXW: How did you hear about the CXWorks program? What made you decide to apply?

O: One day, I happened to check my email and saw a message from my JAG instructor. He was sending information about the CXWorks program, and it really grabbed my attention. It said I could start my career as a customer service professional. I wanted to make something for myself and build a greater future, so I applied!

CXW: What about the customer experience industry piqued your interest in starting a career in this field?
O: Because it’s so important to everything that we do! No matter which field I choose to pursue down the road, customer service is going to be a part of it. So, if I can grow and develop those skills now, I will be a great spot to grow my career.

CXW: You are about a week into the class. How’s it going so far? What’s the experience been like so far?
O: I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and I didn’t know if we could all get along. But we are like a big family! That’s been my biggest success so far, because normally I can be a shy person. We all opened up so quickly and became such a tight knit group. Our instructor, Bri, has done an amazing job of making sure we all feel safe and included. I cannot say enough good things about her!

CXW: What are you most looking forward to about the program? Anything you are nervous about?
O: I am excited about all the skills that we’re going to learn from communication to leadership, so I can apply that to my future positions. I’m really nervous about meeting the hiring managers from our potential employers, but I also know that we’ll be discussing interviewing and how to prepare for them soon, so that will help ease my nerves and boost my confidence. At the same time, I can’t wait to land that first job and build the foundation for my career!

CXW: What is your ultimate career goal(s)? Where do you want to be in the next year or two? 10-15 years?
O: A year from now? I want to be a customer service agent in a company so that I can get the experience to interact with all kinds of people. I have some interest in investing and real estate, so I think I’m a very business-oriented person. In the long-term, I want to use the customer service skills I learn here and apply them in the future to possibly owning my own business.

CXW: You’re going to meet a lot of volunteers through the CXWorks program. What benefit does that bring to your training?

O: They are able to bring their years of experience to provide seasoned insight and wisdom. My mentor is a manager at a local company, for example, and he’s already been able to share so much with me! It’s helping me prepare for the job that I want.

Are you:

  • 18-26 years old?
  • A high school graduate or equivalent?
  • Without a 4-year college degree?
  • Living in the Las Vegas area?
  • Able to commit to full-day classes for 8 weeks?
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