How To Celebrate Volunteers Who Make Your Work Possible


Who enables you to get your work done each day?

Perhaps it’s a team of dedicated employees who you’ve hand selected, and meticulously trained. Or perhaps it’s your secretary or personal assistant who keeps your calendar in order, your email in check, and makes sure you’re everywhere you ned to be.

However, the better question might be: How do you thank them for making it possible to get your work done?

In the world of nonprofits, it’s the hard work of nearly 63 million Americans who make it possible for our work to get done. They work weekends, nights, early mornings; they fundraise, organize, and are often perform tasks they are not totally comfortable with, all in the name of accomplishing your nonprofit’s mission.

What’s even more incredible about volunteers is their propensity to be some of the best donors, too. In fact, individuals who said they’ve volunteered in the last 12 months donated 10x more than non-volunteers according to a 2009 survey conducted by the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund.

Here are 5 ways you can thank your volunteers for making your work possible this holiday season.

Create more stimulating or challenging opportunities

This might not seem like a way to thank your volunteers, but by keeping them engaged and stimulated with your nonprofit’s work, your volunteers will stay engaged and interested in your nonprofit and its work. Think about it, coming in and doing the same drab work day in and day out grows irksome to anyone. The same goes for volunteers.

Try imbuing a few volunteers with more leadership responsibilities, or challenge them to design and run a fundraising campaign on their own.

Get social

Whether on Facebook or on Twitter (or both!), publicly and socially giving individuals a shout out for their hard work can go a long way. Generations both past and present have gravitated to these social platforms to stay connected with their friends and families.

So go ahead and get social, throw a few ‘@’ symbols in front of people’s names, and let them know on the social platforms just how grateful you are for their hard work.

Get visual

On social media, start a ‘find yourself and tag yourself year-end campaign. AGgregate all the pictures you took of your volunteers in the last year, and post them on your Facebook page, and encourage people to go through them and tag themselves. This will show you’re recognizing their work, but you’re also giving them images of themselves that they can use on their own social media pages.


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