How to Build Relationships with Influencers Through Seed Content

Content markets are alway looking for new ways to encourage field influencers to share their work. Successfully partnering with visible experts in your non-profit’s area is an excellent way to make your content go viral.

But how does your organization get the attention of these big name influencers? The best way to do this is to add value to your content. You can get the attention of an build relationships with influencers by creating content valuable to them and sharing it with them in a more personal way.

Here are the steps to building lasting, strong relationships with industry influencers.

  1. Find and research

    Creating and engaging seed content means you need to be specific when targeting influencers. Know exactly who you are trying to reach before attempting to engage them with your content. It’s important to consider each person and their influence before reaching out, however. If you stay in your non-profit’s exact niche, the list of potential contacts may be extremely limited. In order to expand your potential reach without going outside of your target audience, reach out to users whose own followers fall under your umbrella of interest, as well as those covered under closely related niches. For example, if your organization if focused on supporting survivors of skin cancer, reach out to those who raise money for skin cancer research or more general cancer survivor supporters. You will gain more reach while still connecting to those interested in your mission.

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  3. Share without being overbearing

    Getting your content in front of relevant influencers is a delicate, sometimes stressful experience. To get these users to notice your organization, you will have to be more direct than simply tweeting at them. Email has a high engagement level and shows you put more effort in your attempts to reach out. It’s easy to miss a message through social media channels, so craft a personalized, intelligent email that your chosen influencers will want to respond to. When creating these emails, keep it short and to the point so it won’t get deleted right off the bat. Also be sure not to ask for anything. Asking a busy person to do more work will most likely not go in the direction you hope, so make sure to keep the message to how it would benefit them and their cause.

  4. Make content they want to share

    If you really want your non-profit influencers to share your content, make it worth their while. Don’t craft generic, boring or overdone pieces and expect them to become viral. Design your posts so they are sharable and directly benefit the targeted influencers. They will be more inclined to user their influence if it benefits them as well as your organization. Also be sure that any sharing you request is simple for them to do. Reviewing a product or endorsing a non-profit is time consuming; clicking a share button is not. There are many ways to get your influencers’ attention, but a simple one is to mention a specific influencer or influencers in your content. This makes it easier for them to consider sharing it with their own followers become it promotes them and barely takes any time.

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