Best of the Web: March 2016

Looking back at our top social media links this month, it’s pretty clear that if Idealware has a bias, it’s “usefulness.”

That’s probably because nonprofits rarely can afford to be impractical. When every minute and dollar counts, we achieve our mission by helping you save the time and money you need to deliver on your mission.

The Best of the Web this month is full of useful content for small nonprofits like yours. From apps and online tools to tips for solo database admins to insights on measuring and interpreting metrics, there’s something here for everyone at your organization.

Keep up the good work and enjoy this month’s list.

All best,

36 Useful Apps & Online Tools for Nonprofits (Nonprofit Tech for Good)

There are so many low-cost or free apps available these days, especially if you’re creating content for your nonprofit. Try out a few of these and see what you think.

Data Management Tips for the Lone Wolf Admin (Cloud4Good)
Database admins at nonprofits are expected to keep the data clean and tidy, but that’s hard to do when you’re on your own. This article provides tips and shortcuts to help you save time—especially if you’re a Salesforce admin.

How to Engage Your Supporters and Find Super Fans (TechSoup)
NetSquared DC hosted a panel discussion on how to engage with your audience and turn them into champions of your organization. TechSoup gathered the highlights and shared them here.

File This Under Productivity (Idealware)

We all have our own unique ways of working that get us through the day. Karen recently reexamined one of her work habits—the need for an empty inbox and neatly organized email folders. Rethinking email led to an interesting revelation about tech—we often fall into the trap of applying old thinking to new technology. The result? We don’t get the most out of the tools we use.

Don’t Give Your Boo Your Password (Community IT)

Even putting aside the hard reality that your boo is not likely to be yours forever, the simple fact of a traveling password puts you at risk. Fortunately, many consumer entertainment apps allow for group or “family” accounts that enable individual users to have their own passwords.

Source Codes: The Most Useful Measurement Strategy You May Not Be Using (Beth’s Blog)
Source codes—the ability to track how the same page is viewed via different channels—can seem complicated, but they’re actually pretty straightforward. Our guest post outlines what you need to know to get started.

Beyond Vanity Metrics: Toward Better Measurement of Member Engagement (Mob Lab)
Engagement metrics are valuable because they can bring to light poor practices and bad habits. But not all metrics are equally useful. In fact, focusing too much on some metrics and ignoring others can carry risks to your organization. The Mob Lab’s new report outlines the pitfalls and provides concrete tips and questions to ask yourself as you think through what metrics best inform your organization.

10 Tactics to Grow Your Monthly Giving (TechSoup)
If you’re considering a monthly giving program, Michael Stein has some tips to help you get it off the ground and nurture it as it grows.

5 Tips for Building a Strong Events Page (Foundation Center)
A good event starts with a good audience. But the audience won’t be there unless your events page is attractive, enticing, easy to use, and provides the information people need. Check out these tips for building effective events pages.

To Strengthen Democracy in America, Think Tech (TechSoup)
This is something of a call to action for foundations. The fact is that technology enables and enhances so much of the good work nonprofits do, but too often it’s looked at as a peripheral expense or that dirty word “overhead.”

The Landscape of WordPress for Nonprofits: A Report on the Current Marketplace for Plugins (Idealware)
WordPress is the most popular website development platform in the world. One big reason is its flexibility. Small nonprofits can put together a solid website without hiring a coder, but nonprofits seeking a lot of features have plenty of options through the landscape of plugins available. This report lays out your options as a WordPress user. It provides newcomers with a basic understanding of the platform and helps longtime users consider new capabilities.

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