Best of the Web: June 2017

Help Is on the Way

I’m a little blown away by how many really useful resources have popped up on social media this month. If your nonprofit uses the summer to dig in and solve a handful of persistent problems, you have a lot of free help this year.

Need a template for online metrics? Chris Tuttle, Ritu Sharma, and Leah Kopperman’s Google Doc is the best resource I’ve ever seen. Worried you won’t know what to do if your website crashes? Get Yesenia Sotelo’s Website Emergency Kit. If you’re working on data visualizations, you won’t be disappointed by Ann K. Emery’s blog, which is so good at breaking down her ideas and offering practical considerations. And we at Idealware just released a workbook to help you develop policies to protect your organization from embarrassing situations and data disasters.

This is the summer to get organized and tackle those challenges you’ve been putting off. The resources are there—go and get them.

Best of the Web: June 2017

Three Core Ingredients That Will Help You Ensure Your New Brand Sticks (Big Duck)

A good brand isn’t just about having a clever tagline and snazzy graphics. Your organization has to live it and believe in it. Big Duck’s blog post looks at how to work internally to keep your brand vital and relevant in everything you do.

How Nonprofits Can Improve Their Email Deliverability (TechSoup)

If your organization relies on email to deliver important information and solicit feedback from supporters, it can be incredibly frustrating to realize that your messages are getting caught in junk or spam folders. Michael Stein’s post for TechSoup offers six tactics that can improve the deliverability of your emails. (And make it more likely that people will read your emails, too!)

Visualizing Survey Results: Assessing Knowledge Before and After a Program (Ann K. Emery)

This post takes you behind the scenes as Emery demonstrates how creating a data visualization requires making a lot of choices to draw out what you want your audience to see in your data. Check out all three parts of the series: Agree-Disagree Scales and Check-All-That-Apply.

Digital Metrics Tracking (Tuttle, Sharma, Kopperman)

Chris Tuttle, Ritu Sharma, and Leah Kopperman have created an incredibly useful online metrics guide/template. If you’re not really tracking web and social media metrics or are doing it in a haphazard way, this will help you get focused.

8 Nonprofit Design Projects That Are on Point (Ctrl Shift)

Need inspiration for your nonprofit redesign or rebrand? Check out this mix of print and digital designs that feel current, lively, and impactful.

The Nonprofit Website Emergency Kit (Smartcause Digital)

If your website goes down do you know how to diagnose the problem and get it back up quickly? Yesenia Sotelo’s guide will help you avoid long outages or expensive fixes.

Quick Quiz: Is Your Nonprofit Ready for Change? (Heller Consulting)

Change can be hard, especially when not everyone sees the need for change or your nonprofit lacks the people-power to carry out all the steps necessary to make a major change. Heller’s quiz can help you consider whether now is the right time for change and can suggest ways to prepare your organization to transition smoothly.

Chrome Flaw Allows Sites to Secretly Record Audio/Video Without Indication (The Hacker News)

Do you put masking tape over your webcam? You might consider it.

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