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Watch: Why Big Data and Machine Learning Are the Future of Computing

The question swirling around artifical intelligence and machine learning is no longer 'how?' but 'when?'
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How Technology Could Solve the Food Desert Crisis

If I have a hankering for kohlrabi at 2:45 AM, it’s no problem. I head over to any of the supermarkets within blocks of my apartment in the East Village. That’s because I live in the opposite of a food desert. But just 100 blocks north of my apartment, fruits and vegetables—exotic or otherwise—are ...
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Agile Not Just For IT Anymore

Fans of the Agile discipline are enthusiastic. That enthusiasm is why I'm standing in the middle of a 60-second dance-off on a Tuesday morning in April. It's how a thousand or so scrum coaches, team-leaders, and practitioners started their day at the Scrum Alliance's Global Scrum Gathering in ...
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Three ways tech is reinventing a surprising sector

More than 1 million users. Sixteen billion monthly page views. Ninety-nine percent user engagement.
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How tech's biggest names are making accessibility a top priority

Last football season, Yahoo's Darren Burton did something he'd never done before: he commissioned a fantasy football league. That may not sound like a particularly impressive feat to you, but for Burton, navigating lists of players, stats, and scores is a unique challenge, because he is blind. 
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Entitled? Try Empowered: Why Millennials Work the Way They Do

What's the matter with "kids" today … at work? Across our great nation, grumpy middle managers, executives and owners alike are wondering who these fresh-faced, impatient and entitled millennials think they are with all their outsized demands.
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3 Ways to Avoid Roadblocks in Your Talent Acquisition Process

Navigating the talent acquisition process is like navigating your morning commute. Knowing the quickest and easiest way to reach your destination is essential, and if the area you’re traveling through is new or unfamiliar, it oftentimes requires the assistance of a GPS program - predictive data - ...
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5 Tech Trends that Could Supercharge Education in 2016

  Science-fiction author William Gibson once said, "The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed." The technologies of tomorrow are already being tested in select classrooms today, laying the seeds for the future of how students could learn. With 2016 fast approaching, ...
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