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New Security Measures Coming to Office 365

Last week Microsoft released some important new baseline Conditional Access policies—predefined rulesets that protect organizations against common digital attacks—that stand to significantly increase the security of any organization using Office 365 for Nonprofits. The functionality provided by ...
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Nonprofit Cyber Attack Case Studies and Solutions

Nonprofits are appealing targets for cyber criminals. The criminal world has zeroed in on us for four main reasons: 1) they don’t believe we have the resources to hire security teams, 2) we are thought to have aging technology infrastructure that’s easy to penetrate, 3) we’re more susceptible to ...
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How Does GDPR Affect US Nonprofits?

The GDPR is a set of directives for protecting the privacy of personal information that was recently enacted into law by the European Commission, and which will go into effect on May 25th, 2018.  The law applies to all citizens of the European Union – and, by extension, to any organization that ...
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