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About That Linked In Account....6 Million + Linked In passwords stolen

The social networking site Linked In has confirmed that more than 6 million passwords were stolen yesterday. The user accounts associated with each password were NOT compromised; however, someone could use the password list in a “dictionary attack” against Linked In accounts.
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When bad news is good news

The support team has been taking quite a few calls from users about a “ssvagent.exe” pop-up error message they receive when Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox is started:
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Resources for dealing with Viruses, Malware and Security Threats

If you haven’t noticed, here at 501cTECH we spend quite a bit of our time dealing with viruses, malware, and other security threats.  Here’s a list of websites and blogs that I read regularly (many of them daily!) You may find these helpful too:
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What Do Sewers and Technology Infrastructure Have in Common?

One of the first “real” jobs I had out of college was working for an environmental technology firm. The company was involved in all parts of the wastewater industry, but the division I worked for used personal computers (stuffed inside pressurized metal cans) to measure flow rate and water quality ...
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When Good Websites Go Bad: Malware and Viruses

Computer infections like malware and viruses are often associated with inappropriate web sites.  Unfortunately, hackers and malware producers are becoming increasingly creative in how they deploy their wares, hijacking web sites to allow viruses and malware to infect more and more users. Internet ...
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SEO Poisoning, Malware and What You Can Do About It

The three questions we hear most often when a client calls with a malware infection (besides “When will it be cleaned up?”) are
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Should you be worried about virus and malware protection on your Mac?

Should you be worried about virus and malware protection on your Mac? A couple of years ago I would have said “probably not,” but recently we have seen more malware targeted at the Apple operating system OSX.  Macs were not spared from the “Fake Antivirus” packages circulating last year; and while ...
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