Accenture is an Instrumental Partner to the ITWorks Program

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Tech Impact has had a robust partnership with Accenture in the Philadelphia Metro since 2011. As part of Accenture’s Skills to Succeed initiative, Accenture provides a wide range of support to the organization including financial grants, pro bono consulting services, career skills training, mentorships, and paid internship opportunities.

In particular, Accenture has been instrumental in preparing content and facilitating career skills sessions through Tech Impact’s 16-week IT Works program. The sessions cover a variety of topics including communication skills, mock interview sessions, emotional intelligence, professional presence and overall career management. During these sessions, students have the opportunity to learn from Accenture employees who bring real world examples to the classroom.

To ensure each student is truly set up for success, Accenture also matches employees as mentors for each of the students throughout the course and often beyond. As mentors, Accenture employees are not only able to help shape the students’ career trajectories and futures but the employees themselves have expressed how inspired they have been by the students and how fueled they have become in bringing in more diversity to technological fields. 

Lastly, a key part of the IT Works program is a real world internship at local companies in the region.  Accenture is proud to have hosted over 20 interns since 2011 and has extended full time employment opportunities to two former interns within Accenture’s Technology Services area. Let’s meet two of our Accenture IT Works graduates now!


Austin Rylander 

Current Accenture Intern

Spring 2017 IT Works Graduate

“Prior to joining the program I had spent 3+ years working at a car dealership and trying my best to climb the ladder at the dealership. I had got to a point where I felt as though I was stagnant…[and] my ceiling was not much higher than where I was. Since finishing the program and being an intern at Accenture I now feel like there is no limit.”


Ricky Toch

Current Accenture Employee (Previous Fall/Winter 2015 Intern)

Fall 2014 IT Works Graduate

“Being able to intern at Accenture and getting a chance to learn and be mentored by Danielle Fox, Jude Kersaint, and Anthony Scafidi was a major highlight for me. It also gave me the opportunity to later accept a role at Accenture as a Technical Analyst. Before I joined the program, I woke up every day with a backache from the different jobs I held, but now I wake up looking forward to going to work and am at a place I can continue to build a career and reputation.”

ITWorks offers free, immersive IT training to young adults, who have not yet completed a Bachelor’s degree.

For young people, joblessness and underemployment can set the stage for unrealized potential, cyclical poverty, and reliance on government assistance. This is where the ITWorks program can help. 

Students earn a professional certification in IT and a real-world internship inside leading corporations and nonprofits.

ITWorks offers both Spring and Fall 16-week classes in Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Delaware. Our Fall semester begins this week, but you can submit an application at any time, however staff may not review it until the application period begins. Please feel free to email us should you have any questions or concerns.

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