8 Ways To Avoid Nonprofit Work Burnout


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The commute to work. The work. The commute home from work.

All too often nonprofit employees fall victim to the daily rhythm, and allow it to dictate their mood and their effectiveness at work. It’s an easy trap to fall into. Seeing the same people, driving the same roads, or taking the same public transportation can grow tedious.
Falling into this frame of mind can be detrimental to not only you work, but your happiness as well. Avoid falling into this daily regiment with these 8 strategies to help you work healthier and happier.
  • Physically remove your self from work at home

    When working from home, whether it be on the weekends or at night, make it a point to physically remove yourself from your work when it’s completed. Stash your phone, laptop, or tablet in your work bag. Make sure everything you need to do work is completely out of sight. By doing so, you will know with finality that you are no longer doing work, and can relax in peace

  • Accept being human

    Coming to terms with limitations, failures, and frustrations is imperative. By accepting some of these short comings you are realizing that you are human, that you are not a perfect being. Always remember that no matter what your net worth, you put your pants on leg at a time, just like everyone else.

  • Take “me” time

    There’s no one more important than yourself. Treat yourself over the weekend. Eat your lunch away from your computer. Take a few “time outs” during the day and stretch. Go out to dinner on second and last Friday of each month. Remove yourself from your work whenever YOU feel it’s necessary.

  • Sometimes you can not do it all

    Nonprofits and their employees are naturally ‘go getters.’ We’re out to help people without asking for anything in return. As a result we’re often caught trying to should the load at work. Delegate if necessary, and follow up.

  • Break a big task into smaller enjoyable ones

    Try doing one part of a big project outside of your normal environment. Doing work in a local coffee shop, waffle house, or book store is a great way to remove yourself and think a little differently.

  • Find out what exactly is burning you out

    Think about why you are burnt out in the first place. Find time to critically think about why your work is burning you out. Then implement a strategy to help you overcome that issue.

  • Know yourself

    Closely manage your stress level. You know your body better than anyone, and need to know when it is time to take a deep breath. Keep tabs on your emotional self as much as you keep tabs on your email, and you’ll soon find yourself happier!

  • Have a finish line

    Have a set goal for finish time each day, and week. For example, when working from home sometimes we let ourselves get distracted, and let a task that normally takes a few minutes take an hour or more. Avoid this by knowing exactly when you want to finish work for the day, and week.


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