6 Ways Content Marketing Platforms Can Net Your Nonprofit Volunteers

Image courtesy of The Cause Project. Image courtesy of The Cause Project.

Chances are good that without volunteers, your nonprofit does not function. Or at least doesn’t function as well as it could.

The days of the newspaper advertisement, or flyer around town looking for volunteers is over. As a result, nonprofits and volunteers alike are turning to the internet to find, and fill, volunteer opportunities. But as we’ve detailed in previous blogs, with all the increased competition online, getting noticed through the typical social media feeds and through your website is becoming increasingly difficult.

Potential volunteers are weighing their bevy of options, and because of the internet, are able to make well informed decisions about who they want to donate their time and expertise to. When weighing their options, volunteers are looking at a nonprofit’s website, seeing whether or not they have a blog, an active Twitter feed, or how many followers on Facebook they have.

All these factors and more communicate to any web visitor, not just a potential volunteer, how legitimate, put together, and organized your nonprofit is. This positive online persona can be achieved through an intelligent content marketing platform that incorporates your nonprofit's website, blog, and social media feeds into one coherent strategy.

  1. Attract volunteers steadily

    While many nonprofits understand it’s important to have a blog, many only utilize its immense power when covering a large, or uniquely important event. While this an important thing to cover, your blog should serve the community you’re looking to improve, not just report on your latest fundraising initiatives.

    By keeping your blog updated frequently with pertinent information, and using social media posts with viral potential, you’re allowing your communicative channels to actively recruit volunteers steadily and professionally while communicating with the vast audience.

  2. Communications nexus

    Instead of leaking information through just one or two outlets, use a content marketing platform that connects all these different mediums in a coherent and effective way. Do a big write-up of your nonprofit’s flagship fundraising event, while posting pictures from the even on Instagram, thank attendees on Facebook with @mentions, while live Tweeting winners of the awards as it happens.

    It is important to have these communication means, but keeping the information flowing out of them in a meaningful way is even more important.

  3. Learn from the best

    Content marketing is a team effort, and the weight does not have to be shouldered alone. investigate the community you’re trying to engage on specific social feeds and discover who is being shared, retweeted, and followed the most, and start interacting with them. Through this interface your nonprofit is engaging with the community influencers who have the best chance to engage a large audience.

  4. Make it easy

    Social media feeds are powerful tools that are just waiting to be effectively utilized. The ultimate goal of these secret weapons is to take a simple post or tweet, and in a matter of hours, have that information disseminated to thousands or millions of people. However, the only way to accomplish this is to make sharing and supporting your nonprofit’s initiatives easy and intuitive.

  5. Organize volunteers

    Everyone knows the more organized you are, the better off you’ll be in the long run. By coordinating your volunteer recruitment efforts with your nonprofit’s content marketing editorial calendar, you are able to streamline the recruitment process. This makes the process more natural, flowing, and easier for all parties involved.

  6. Reward volunteers

    In a previous blog post, we discuss how to effectively thank volunteers to make them life long volunteers. While volunteers typically ask for nothing return for their time and energy, using the content marketing tools available to your nonprofit to thank them via a social media feed, or highlight their efforts in a blog post is a great way to high light the efforts of your volunteers.

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