6 Strategies For The Post-Implementation Of Nonprofit Technology


Image courtesy of Planet Side 2. Image courtesy of Planet Side 2.

Upgrading your nonprofits technology is always a must-do, however not proving the proper post-implementation measures can lead to a lack of adoption or low use of new features, rendering the investment worthless. Here are 6 strategies for increasing adoption and user awareness from NTEN.

  1. Usability Testing

    After the technology has been added to your organization's daily workflow, take some time and gain feedback from your staff. What can't they do now that they used to be able to do? What would make adoption easier? Assess each what changed.

  2. Benchmarking

    Comparing your experience with that of other nonprofit organizations can help you answer questions with and see what others are doing to implement and promote adoption of the new tech service.

  3. Communicate with Users

    Provide demos and tips to users to encourage new tools and exploration of the new technology service. Making information readily available to staff members keeps communication channels open and welcoming to questions and feedback about the new service.

  4. Start an Internal User Group

    After bringing this new technology onboard, let staff members take responsibility for encouraging adoption. Creating a group of influential members who are tasked with exploring and suggesting ways to increase adoption allows the staff to control of the post-implementation process.

  5. Plan

    Keep track of future upgrades, department needs, and the allocation of resources. Detailed records and calendars will help you execute the post-implementation process with regular staff check-ins and demonstrations.

  6. Leverage Existing Resources

    Nonprofits are surrounded by technology resources from sources like Tech Impact. Tapping into the knowledge of seasoned professionals when it comes to technology implementation and post-implementation nonprofits can rely on consultants in the industry.

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