5 Tech Trends From Across The Pond

Image courtesy of Social Media Marketing.com. Image courtesy of Social Media Marketing.com.

Access Group’s Nonprofit Division comes together every year for an annual think tank to uncover what they believe will be key trends to be aware of in the upcoming years.

The debate is held between consultants, clients, and journalists, each of whom brings some level of expertise in the field.

Here are the 5 trends their focus group foresees as being markedly important in the coming years.

  1. Integration

    Finance, HR, CRM data, mobile platforms, cloud applications are all equaly important to your nonprofit. Because of this, it is important that they are all integrated and communication efficiently. This is especially important when considering donor and constituent data.

  2. Personalization

    Engaging with constituents is becoming more difficult given contemporary society’s short attention spans, and tendency to multi-task everything. One way to combat this and drive user engagement is offering people the opportunity to identify themselves with not only you nonprofit, but the platforms you use.

    Look at how the successful social media platforms allow their users to personalize their pages and content and let your ideas flow from there.

  3. Mobile

    A well documented fact, mobile use is positioned to not only take off, but take over the internet. Prioritizing your nonprofit’s mobile site and launching those mobile apps that have been in the works is of paramount importance in the coming years.

    Over 50% of emails are opened and over 65% of social networking happens on mobile devices. If your nonprofit isn’t putting huge emphasis on these trends, it’s time to start.

  4. Insight

    Utilization of data will be critical. Both to help better understand your constituents, but your employees and volunteers as well. Nonprofits know that it is important to gather data, but many often lose sight of what exactly they were trying to accomplish by gathering that data in the first place.

  5. Cost control

    Gaining a better handle over your nonprofit’s cost has been a major bullet point since day one. Everyone wants to do more with less. Although this is not a new “trend” it is understood that there need to be better supporting analysis and reporting technology to enable this to happen.

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