Microsoft Citizenship Donating Office 365 To Nonprofits

September 10, 2013, Microsoft announced Office 365 donations for eligible nonprofits, large or small. Thanks to Microsoft's Technology For Good Program, nonprofits are able to get the latest software and tech tools as a donation from Microsoft, empowering nonprofits and foundations to keep their attention and budget focused on their mission or cause.

Eligible organizations include, but are not limited to, those that:
  • Provide relief to the poor
  • Advance education
  • Improve social welfare
  • Preserve culture
  • Preserve or restore the environment
  • Promote human rights
  • Establish civil society

Learn more about Microsoft's eligibility requirements.

The addition of Office 365 to the Technology For Good Program is available to 41 countries currently, but Microsoft is planning on expanding the offer to 90 countries by July 2014.

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Many nonprofits are benefiting from moving email, calendar, documents, and data to the cloud including the Boys and Girls Club of Delaware.

Boys and Girls Club of Delaware

"Tech Impact has been of significant help. They addressed our problems, found solutions and saved us money. Their knowledgeable staff got a handle on our needs quickly, developed a plan and helped us to implement it." President and CEO, George Krupanski

Serving over 35,000 school-aged children per year in the state of Delaware, the Boys and Girls Club infrastructure was growing exceedingly large and becoming hard to maintain across 44 locations. By implementing Office 365 and moving the organization's data to the cloud, the Boys and Girls Club of Delaware eliminated costly servers and long-term maintenance, reducing their annual costs by $50,000. Read more.

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