4 Strategies For Successful Nonprofit Content Marketing

Image courtesy of Success Online Image courtesy of Success Online

In a previous post, we talked about why your nonprofit had to start actively engaging in content marketing. We said it was important, it would boost traffic to your nonprofit’s website, and it even had the potential to increase revenue potential.

What we didn’t tell you, however, is how to get there. Strategies to ensure your nonprofit’s content marketing campaigns were not only effective and efficient, but successful and delivered on all those great benefits.

Here are 4 strategies to ensure your nonprofit’s content marketing campaign is meetings its goals.

  1. Write about business strategy

    To see success in your nonprofit’s content marketing campaign, it is imperative that your nonprofit aligns its marketing goals with its content marketing campaign. By doing so you are ensuring the different departments your nonprofit is working in sync with one another, instead of working against each other.

  2. SEO and online marketing

    It critically important to make sure someone on your team knows something about search engine optimization. It is one thing to start creating content and putting your nonprofit’s emblem on it. It is an entirely other thing to get that content in front of readers.

    The most important tip is to make sure your content is pervasive across all pertinent social networking sites. Links to Twitter, Facebook, and other articles you’ve written will bolster your page and make Google rank your blog on the first page where it belongs.

  3. Interaction

    While creating engaging content is important, following up with that engagement is what drives the message home for social media followers. People went out of their way to engage, read, share, and retweet your content, so take that extra time to make sure their efforts are appreciated.

  4. Producing the right content

    Keeping traffic and engagement up is imperative. If your blog slows down on content creation, it will quickly fall off the front page of Google. It is important to note that Google gives precedence to articles that have not already been ranked. This means that Google favors new, original, engaging and well written content. This is perhaps the most important factor of all.

    Keep your traffic up with interesting, engaging content that your social media followers will flock to, and Google will rank well.

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